How to Buy Quality Furniture

Well, if you want to turn a house or an apartment into your home you have to have furniture in it. As in what is furniture, they are the moveable objects that support various human activities like sitting, eating, sleeping, etc. Even if you turn the pages of history you’ll find ancient people using furniture, though they had been using tree stumps or rock wherein the modern era we use designed manufactured furniture which is made of woods, metals, marbles, glass or other fabrics.

There are different types of furniture such as tables, chairs, beds, coffee tables, desks, ottomans, dining tables, futons, couches, nightstands, console tables, stools, bookcases, headboards, china cabinets, armchairs, etc. The furniture that you have to have in your home are tables, dining table, beds, sofas, cupboards and if you’re a student or if your kids are still in school you will obviously need a study table, also if you need to work at your home getting a work table would be suitable.

Now before you start buying furniture for your home you should know about how to buy quality furniture. And for that, you would need to understand the difference between good and poor quality in a piece of furniture. Also, you might need to understand what type of furniture would be suitable for your home, for which a buying guide may help you.

Buying guide

● As every piece of furniture has its uses and features you have to find out the best fit for your needs. Sometimes you have to consider some specific parameters even though the general rules to all furniture purchases are the same.

● A sofa is one of the most important pieces of furniture for your house. Before buying a sofa you should consider the space you’re putting it in. For example, the sofa you’ll choose for your living room, most probably wouldn’t look the best in your bedroom. Also, the fabric and the design of the sofa are important too as the style you choose for your sofa contributes immensely to its usability and beauty.

● Another most needed piece of furniture is a bed. Before you buy a bed, always try to find out the comfiest one as the main function of this furniture is to sleep on it and you wouldn’t like to sleep on an uncomfortable piece of furniture right? Consider the size of your bed too, there are different sizes of bed you may find like, single, double, king-sized bed, queen-sized bed, etc. So, if you’re sleeping alone and have a small room you should buy a single bed, there’s no point in wasting too much space. But if you have a family and a partner, also if your room is big enough a king-sized bed would be suitable for you.

● A dining table and dining chairs are also some of the most needed in your home. You just don’t only sit there to eat and then leave, most probably it’s the more commonplace for your family to spend time together. So, when you buy a set of them try considering the number of your family members and the size of your dining room.

● Most of the furniture is made of wood, but nowadays there are more materials that people use to build furniture. So, while buying furniture be considerate about the materials of your purchased furniture. Like if you’re buying wooden furniture look for the best wood, as there can be various types of wood in the market and not all of them are good to build furniture.

● Also, be considerate about the price. Never buy a piece of furniture if it’s more than you can afford. Remember that not always the highest price purchases are the best. So, there’s no point in wasting money when you can complete your needs at a very affordable price.

Now let’s proceed on knowing about how to buy quality furniture.

Tips for buying quality furniture

Wood types

If you have a taste for wooden furniture and would love to decorate your house with them then you must have to know about the quality woods. As there are many types of woods in the market you need to find the best one that your furniture is made of.

There are not only different wood types but you can also find at least three categories of wooden furniture in the market, which are solid wood, particleboard, or composite wood and veneers. Solid wood types are great-looking but can be oversensitive to water and scratches. Particleboards on the other hand is decent looking and more affordable than solid wood furniture. But they may not hold up for decades after decades because of the materials it’s made of. Then comes the veneers. This type of furniture is made with a base of inexpensive wood which is layered by several layers of better quality woods.

Drawers and Cabinets

When buying a cabinet consider testing the doors, check if the doors open properly, and remain in the same position instead of snapping shut, you wouldn’t want to get hurt during getting something out of the cabinet.

Also, check the quality of the drawers. Be sure if the drawers pull out properly and latch and shut evenly.

Nails and glue

Think of getting a piece of furniture and discovering days after that a joint or more than one joint is not glued or nailed properly and the furniture is almost on the verge of falling off, would be pretty tragic right? So, when buying furniture always make sure that piece is nailed properly. And what would be more suitable is trying to get furniture with wood joined at the ends and corners instead of nailed or glued.


The legs of a piece of furniture are considered to be the most important part of it as they hold the whole piece up. That’s why the legs of a piece of furniture should be heavy and jointed to the frame of the furniture.


Yeah, we all have different tastes in color and all of us have our own favorite colors. But while choosing a color for your furniture try to be more realistic about which color would look good in your home and if all the colors of the furniture match or are synchronized with each other. Bold colors may always not look good on your furniture. But if you think the colors of your furniture enhance the beauty of your home then no one is stopping you.

Springs and Cushions

While buying a sofa or a bed, checking the springs is important. Like the sofas made with traditional

Coiled springs are firmer than the sofas made of zigzag coils.

You would also need cushions for your home. So, while buying them look for the ones which come with removable covers. Also, look for firm cushions as they’ll hold better and last longer.

So, here are all the tips for you to know about how to buy quality furniture. Now follow the rules and find the best furniture that would suit your home. One more tip for you if you’re from Bangladesh would be getting Furniture for HATIL, as they have the best quality furniture in Bangladesh and is one of the top 10 furniture brands in Bangladesh.




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Mustafa Nazmus Sakib

Mustafa Nazmus Sakib

SEO Expert and Blogger.

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